Rep. Reilly shares complete voting record

State Rep. John Reilly of Oakland Township is offering a measurable track record of results by posting each of his votes on a single web page along with an explanation for each vote.

This is a unique effort among state legislators. While all votes are public, few take the time to assemble all their votes in one place and provide a reason for every vote.

“I stand by my voting record, and I strongly believe it’s important for constituents to see exactly how I represent them on the legislative questions put before me,” Rep. Reilly said. “I hope people find it informative as a snapshot of the work the House of Representatives is doing.”

Residents can go to and click the “Vote Explanations” button to see a list of bills, vote date, how Rep. Reilly voted (yes or no) and a detailed reason for the vote. The website will be updated monthly when the House of Representatives is in session.

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