Rep. Reilly calls for full review of Michigan's administrative rules

State Representative John Reilly of Oakland Township today introduced bipartisan legislation to eliminate unnecessary regulations for Michigan businesses and residents.

The bill, Reilly’s first as a member of the Michigan House, would require the Legislature to eventually review all administrative rules issued by state agencies. These regulations comprise the Michigan Administrative Code, and they are the only kind of state regulations that carry the force of law without being expressly enacted in a statute. This year, for an example, a Roseville resident was ticketed for $128 for warming up his unattended car in a driveway – running afoul of a regulation in the Administrative Code.

“Regulations should be subject to the same high standard of legislative review as the laws enacted by the Legislature,” Reilly said. “This bill will provide that these regulations will eventually expire unless the Legislature decides to put them into law.”

The bold proposal would spark a 10-year review of Michigan’s 770 existing sets of rules, which are authored by executive agencies. Rules would expire after 10 years unless enacted into statute or given a seven-year extension, and all future rules would expire after seven years unless required by federal law or under a state law that specifies otherwise.

“The Administrative Code is an overly complex set of regulations that have made it difficult for small businesses and private citizens to stay in compliance with the law,” Reilly said. “The time has come for a full audit of the Code.

“The best way to remove unnecessary regulations is for the Legislature to go through the Code with a fine-toothed comb and evaluate whether each one is justifiable,” Reilly said. “It is the Legislature’s job to make laws. While state agencies have authority to make rules within the scope of those laws, it is the Legislature’s duty to oversee that this is done properly.”

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