Rep. Reilly bill gives schools more flexibility in testing

State Representative John Reilly of Oakland Township has submitted legislation to allow local school districts to opt out of certain standardized testing.

“Our districts have multiple federal and state assessments for each grade, and especially in high school, these myriad assessments are burdensome,” Reilly said. “In the 11th grade alone, students are mandated to take the SAT, M-STEP and WorkKeys assessments.”

While the WorkKeys test is billed as an assessment of career readiness, critics say it tests nothing more than remedial algebra, reading comprehension and basic problem solving, making it unhelpful and duplicative of other exams.

“School officials in my district have unanimously indicated that they would not administer the WorkKeys test if given the option,” Reilly said. “We should lessen the burden of standardized exams on our schools.  If a school sees value in the exam, this legislation would not prohibit them from using it, but we should end this unnecessary and unwanted mandate.”

House Bill 4501 has been assigned to the House Education Reform Committee.

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