MIRS News acknowledges Rep. Reilly's most conservative voting record

MIRS News, a daily publication focused on the actions of Michigan state government, has named Representative John Reilly (R-Oakland) as among the most conservative members of the House Republican caucus.

Out of 63 House Republicans and 47 Democrats, MIRS ranked Representative Reilly as having the third most conservative voting record of his colleagues, citing his vote on 50 pieces of legislation.  

Rep. Reilly voted against all tax and fee increases, all new occupational licensing restrictions, and all corporate welfare deals, while voting for cutting the state income tax and eliminating various outdated restrictions on businesses.

"In the end, it was freshman Rep. Shane HERNANDEZ (R-Port Huron) who had the chamber's most conservative record (98 percent) with fellow freshmen Rep. Steve JOHNSON (R-Wayland Twp.) (96 percent) and Rep. John REILLY (R-Oakland Twp.) (94 percent)," MIRS wrote.

On Facebook, Rep. Reilly said he was please with the recognition, but questioned the three votes for which the news service deemed his vote to be non-conservative.

"I stand by the three votes they counted as "liberal": yes on not letting hospitals send helicopter ambulances and sticking patients with a tens-of-thousands bill; no on not letting candidates request recounts in close races; no on allowing trucks to exceed weight limits if they are natural gas-fueled. I don't see how any of those votes are not "conservative," but I guess you have to have a pretty one-dimensional view to rate every vote in black and white," Rep. Reilly said.

Rep. Reilly posts an explanation for each of his votes on Facebook. 

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